Innovative School Techniques

The innovative use of new technology to help school pupil’s master their math’s lessons has been praised by Councillor Connaire McGreevy.

And he has described the initiative undertaken by St. Mark’s Warrenpoint as a perfect example of how social media techniques can be tailored to meet the demands of the classroom.

Councillor McGreevy said he was delighted that every possible avenue of educational engagement was being explored in order to ensure that pupils were equipped to meet the challenges of the modern world.

“I applaud how students studying math’s in St. Mark’s are being encouraged to engage in learning a complex subject through the use of modern social media techniques.

“The rapid expansion in the use of the likes of Twitter and Facebook has been deservedly criticised sometimes when it is exploited in negative ways such as cyber bullying.

“However we need to stress the positive ways in which the Internet can be adapted to help shape the needs of the curriculum.

“And the positive benefit of the new technology has been underlined by the way in which the St. Mark’s pupils can now access online posts links to study aids and revision resources.

“It may seem a simple step for some. But it gets resources directly to students in the context of the place where they are spending more and more time.

“In the modern world education, at every level, needs to develop innovative ways in which students can be encouraged to take on board the latest methods of learning.

“The positive response by the St. Mark’s Math’s Department in terms of being prepared to buy into the social media bonus is one that I hope will be taken on board by the wider educational establishment.

“It certainly is one initiative that the Department of Education should examine and learn from in terms of its potential to be rolled out across the learning spectrum,” Mr. McGreevy said.