What am I Doing?

On the 28th April 2019 I will take part in the London Marathon raising much needed funds for Versus Arthritis.

On the 5th May, one week after London I will take part in the Belfast Marathon for Action Mental Health.

I am really looking forward to both events and to raising awareness and funds for both charities.  the training has been difficult while balancing various other commitments but it has been enjoyable.

I hope you can help encourage me and these charities by donating some money to them.

Versus Arthritis – London Marathon, 28th April 2019

My wife, Lisa, has been living with Arthritis for most her life.  While she maintains a healthy lifestyle there are days when she will experience a so-called ‘flare-up’ which makes normal life even more difficult.  Simple things like opening a door can create so much pain for her and the 10 million people in the UK that have the condition.  I have already had a number of people come forward since I announced I was running this marathon for the charity who like Lisa are young people.  Some as young as 2 and others in their teens, twenties and thirties.  The strange thing about this disease is that from the outside you would not know people living with it are suffering.

Action Mental Health – Belfast Marathon, 5th May 2019

Similar to that, is the issue of Mental Health.  I am running Belfast to raise money for Action Mental Health.  One in 5 adults in Northern Ireland show signs of mental health issues.

As there is space available I am encouraging other runners to sign up to run the marathon in aid of Action Mental Health. from a personal perspective I have lived with someone who suffered.

My sister, Ciara, who we lost 2 years ago this January, suffered from bi-polar disorder & depression & I thought if I ever were to raise money for a charity, it would be Action Mental Health because we all need to do something to help raise awareness & challenge the stigmas of mental health.